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Famous for Breakfast, Fabulous for Lunch and Dinner!


Lyn’s Strawberry Chicken Salad

Strawberries marinated in a balsamic dressing, caramelized pecans and grilled chicken served on a bed of mesclun mix tossed in balsamic vinaigrette and topped with feta 12.75

John William’s Black & Blue Storm

Grilled Chicken, juicy fresh blackberries, roasted red peppers and crumbled blue cheese on a bed of baby spinach drizzled with blue cheese dressing 12.75

B’s Black Bean Salad

Arugula topped with fresh avocado, strawberries, black beans, and feta cheese with your choice of dressing 11.75

*Jacob’s Shrimp & Bella Blast

Pesto marinated shrimp, portabella, tomato and crumbled bacon over mixed greens sprinkled with feta 13.50

Paula Si’s Salad

A bed of baby spinach topped with chourico links, fresh guacamole, red peppers, and goat cheese 12.75

Murray’s House Salad

A bed of mixed greens topped with fresh vegetables 8.50

Add Tuna 4.00

Add Chicken 4.00

Add Shrimp 6.00


Gluten free wraps available 2.50

Roy’s Chicken Quesadilla

Grilled julienne chicken, sautéed green peppers, red peppers, mushroom, onions, melted pepperjack and cheddar cheese 10.95

*Shrimp & Chourico Quesadilla

Sautéed shrimp and chourico served with melted feta and cheddar drizzled with blue cheese 12.25

Veggie Lover’s Quesadilla

Peppers, onions, tomato, portabella mushrooms, broccoli and spinach with melted cheddar and pepperjack 10.95

Cape Codder

Turkey, avocado, bacon, cranberries, gorgonzola and provolone 11.75

Tuna Quesadilla

All white tuna salad with provolone, Swiss cucumber and tomato 10.95


All of the above served w/ salsa, sour cream and a spicy ranch sauce

Healthy Zone

Gluten Free wrap Add 2.50
Gluten Free bread Add 1.75

Jamey’s Veggie Wrap

A warm wheat tortilla layered with baby spinach, broccoli, green peppers, cucumber, red onion, sundried tomato & feta cheese
with small salad 11.50
with cup of berries 12.50

Smoked Salmon Plate

Smoked salmon served with capers, cucumbers, tomato, red onion, cream cheese and multigrain bread 12.75

Paudy’s Tuna

All white tuna salad served with tomato, red onion, and pepperjack cheese on a bed of baby spinach served on a wheat wrap
with small salad 11.50
with cup of berries 12.50

Avocado Toast

Thick-cut multigrain topped w/ mashed avocado seasoned with salt and black pepper, goat cheese and diced sun-dried tomato
with small salad 11.95
with cup of berries 12.95

The Candace

Portabella mushrooms, spinach, roasted red peppers, gorgonzola in a wrap topped with pesto sauce
with small salad 11.95
with cup of berries 12.95

Veggie Multigrain Melt

Portabella, arugula, tomato, red onion and goat cheese on multigrain
with small salad 11.75
with cup of berries 12.75

The Suzy

Southwest black bean and sweet potato burger w/ avocado, red peppers, drizzled w/ spicy ranch
with small salad 11.95
with cup of berries 12.95

Kids Corner

Grilled Cheese

with fries 5.95

Cheese Dream

Grilled cheese wth bacon and tomato with fries 7.25

Cheese Quesadilla

With American and cheddar cheese 6.25

Add bacon or ham 7.25

PBJ Stacker

A classic with a cup of fruit 8.95


*Beth's Boursin Burger

A grilled 6 oz Black Angus topped with a roasted garlic & herb cream cheese 11.25

*O'Donohoe Irish Burger

Our delicious burger topped with Irish bacon and melted cheddar 11.95

*The Bon Bon Burger

A grilled Black Angus burger topped with fresh guacamole, bacon, feta and cheddar 12.95

*Anna’s Bolo Burger

Our Black Angus burger topped with crumbled blue cheese, avocado and roasted red peppers, served on a bolo 12.95

*The Longhorn

A Black Angus burger topped with bacon, jalapenos, onions and pepperjack with a bbq ranch sauce on sourdough 12.75

*The Elmerito

An Angus burger topped with a fried egg, roasted red peppers, gorgonzola and hollandaise sauce 12.95

*Mary Lou

Served with arugula, goat cheese and pesto 11.95

*Basic Burger

Served with lettuce, tomato and onion 10.95


All of the above served with your choice of fries, small salad or side of day

Sandwiches, Wraps & Melts

Gluten free wraps available 2.50

Mary’s Multi Stacker

Sliced smoked turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, red onion, Swiss cheese and pesto mayo on toasted multigrain 12.25

Isla’s Pastrami

Hot pastrami served with mustard, sautéed onions, mushrooms and Swiss cheese on a grilled bulky roll 12.75

Multigrain Melt

Grilled chicken, pesto, cheddar and goat cheese served with cup of soup 11.95

Sourdough Melt

Tomato, pesto, cucumber, red peppers, feta and cheddar 11.25

Austin’s Gourmet Club Wrap

Sliced turkey, ham, bacon, baby spinach, sun dried tomato, Swiss cheese and a pesto mayo served on a warm tomato tortilla 11.95

Portabella Mushroom Wrap

Sautéed portabella mushrooms, caramelized onions and baby spinach wrapped in a warm tomato tortilla with a homemade boursin cream cheese 11.25

Sashsa’s Chicken Wrap

Grilled chicken with roasted red peppers, Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms and pesto mayo 11.95

Wild Bill's Carnivore Wrap

Chicken, chourico, baby spinach, roasted red peppers, provolone with a spicy ranch dressing 11.95

La Mer

A warm tomato wrap stuffed with smoked salmon, bacon, baby spinach, black olives and boursin 12.75

The Tuna Melt

All white tuna salad, avocado, bacon and cheddar on sourdough 12.25


All of the above are served with your choice of shoe string fries, small garden salad or side of day

Cafe Burritos

Gluten free wraps available 2.50

The 3B

Ground beef, black beans, bacon, cilantro, guacamole, and feta 12.75

Avocado Chicken

Grilled chicken, avocado, feta, lettuce, tomato onion tossed in a blue cheese dressing 12.50


Ground beef, grilled chicken, sautéed onions, mushrooms and pepperjack tossed in a bbq ranch sauce 11.95

Sea Side

Grilled shrimp, sundried tomato, avocado, spinach, pepperjack cheese and salsa 13.50


All of the above served in a flour tortilla with salsa, sour cream and a choice of side


Soup du jour

Cup 4.25/5.25

Bowl 5.25/6.25

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